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Customize and develop a series of Cruise applications for cruise management companies by combining advanced technology and innovation.

Cruise Operation Management System RESCO

Rescompany Systems Ltd was founded in 2003 by travel software professionals determined to develop a revolutionary Reservations solution. Since the early 1990s, Resco has been developing travel-related software, and has been developing cruise management systems. More than 100 international luxury cruise ships use Resco's system and have a excellent experience. Resco is the world's leading provider of cruise management systems.

In 2018, Zhuhai Vone Technology signed a strategic cooperation with Resco. Vone will be responsible for the regional distributor of Resco in China, responsible for the marketing, sales and technical support services of Resco products, and realizing  localization services for Resco products in China. At the end of 2018, the Resco interface will be translated into chinese, to better serve customers in China.

Resco product diagram

RESCO cruise operation system

Resco central reservation and customer relationship management system(CRS/CRM)

Resco's reservation system and customer relationship management combine central reservation functions and customer relationship management to provide users with a complete enterprise solution. The Resco system supports multiple languages and currencies and can be used as a regular Windows software on a fixed computer or remotely via a terminal server or web browser.

Resco's customer reservation system and customer relationship management is a fully integrated solution that not only greatly improves data flow and transmission between systems, but also does not require any interface. The batch system is suitable for large call centers operating in companies with multiple assets and multiple office locations.

Resco ship management system(SMS)

Resco's onboard management system is suitable for superyachts, medium and small rivers and large passenger ships.

Rescompany is a leading provider of reservations and asset management systems, and we are committed to crafting products to meet the needs of the leisure travel industry. As our customers say: "This is far beyond a booking system!"

Resco The website content management system provides a unique and integrated solution for cruise and travel companies.

Business Intelligent(BI)

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