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Customize and develop a series of Cruise applications for cruise management companies by combining advanced technology and innovation.

International Ferry Operation Management SystemVFOS

Why choose us? 

With the combination of advanced technology and innovation, as well as the experience gained from the projects in the past, we already have a huge storage of data, practical experience, a mature R&D team, years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge. We have completed several projects of cruise ship software systems, and  customized a series of ferries professional software applications.

"One-on-one" professional program

A reasonable system can better manage cruise ships and ferries, and the perfect software system planning and execution can ensure the operation of cruise and ferry management, and maximize the effectiveness. Therefore, we will tailor a series of software according to the actual needs of customers, make professional analysis of software system goals, system structure etc. 

Picture Ferry Operation Management System

International Ferry Operation Management System

When developing a software system, our development team will consider the compatibility between the existing system and the new solution first, to tailor the execution plan, and ensure the data transmission is more efficient and faster. For more information, please contact Vone product department, we will tailor a solution for you.