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Cruise Communication Solution

Vone provides planning, technical solutions and cooperative management services for cruise satellite communications:

Cruise Communication Solution

Satellite communication

  • Providing global fast commercial satellite bandwidth service for cruise ships

  • Providing maritime satellite phone coverage worldwide

  • Providing satellite communication solutions based on cruise positioning, navigation and operational planning

4G/5G/long-distance wireless network

  • Support satellite, 4G/5G and long-distance wireless network intelligent switching solutions

Remote video surveillance

  • The ship-side video is compressed by a special algorithm. Through the satellite/4G/5G/wireless network, the shore side can view or store the important monitoring images of the ship in real time, and the economic ratio is higher.

Service application

  • Synchronization of important data or systems on ship and shore;

  • On-shore implementation of query or control of data on the cruise, smart cruise network support

  • Cruise consumption card network support