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Products and Services

Customize and develop a series of Cruise applications for cruise management companies by combining advanced technology and innovation.

Cruise Satellite Network

Why choose us?

Vone has reached a friendly & cooperative consensus with international satellite networking providers, they have abundant satellite resources and provide full coverage of the navigation area to ensure stable satellite communication and sufficient bandwidth. We own a professional IT technical team to provide “one-stop” satellite networking access service including consultation, deployment and implementation and technical support. Services after satellite access includes: network secure access, network interconnection, multiple loading balance, satellite network management(delicate network flow and behavior management), network charge(customer network surfing charge),etc. With years of experience and plentiful industry knowledge, we know well of what our customers need.

What can we do for you?

Satellite is the only access for network, telephone and television on cruises. Correct selection of satellite will guarantee stability, efficiency and customer experience of cruise applications. However, it takes a lot to select a most suitable satellite services by analyzing all comprehensive data including wave band, pattern, satellite recovery, land base station, antenna wire, network route, cruise travel channel, district, satellite requirement, bandwidth and overall cost,etc. What we will do is to check satellite system scheme , and analyze important information like target or systematic structure carefully, and finally help customers select compatible satellite system products. Our IT technicians customize the implementation plan for the customer, set each step, and detail the resources, technology, and time required for each step, so that the customer can use it more easily.

“One-Stop” Cruise Satellite Service

We provide One-Stop Cruise Satellite Service:

  • Cruise Satellite Network Consult &Plan Service

  • Cruise Satellite Network Comprehensive Analysis & Selection Service

  • Cruise Satellite Network Deployment & Maintenance Service

  • Cruise Satellite Network Secure Access & Management Service

  • Cruise Satellite Network Behavior Delicacy Management,Bandwidth Management,Performance & Priority-based Service

  • Cruise Satellite Network Interconnection(VPN) Service

  • Cruise Satellite Network Telecommunication Service

  • Cruise Multiple Satellite Network Redundant Access Service

  • Cruise Satellite Television Service

Providing professional "one-stop" cruise satellite service, from satellite consulting, planning to deployment implementation, maintenance, we promise: to provide customers with the most scientific, most reasonable, most cost-effective satellite network services. Ensure the network needs of the cruise system and the better customer experience on the cruise.