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Products and Services

Customize and develop a series of Cruise applications for cruise management companies by combining advanced technology and innovation.

Cruise Training System

Why choose us?

Vone has provided IT service for several luxurious cruises and knows well about the work flow of each cruise operation unit. Acquainted with cruise organization structure, and cruise operation requirement, our company has also developed cruise operation management system. Besides, at cruise institutions' request, Vone also develops cruise VR education teaching, cruise simulation teaching, cruise virtual teaching system for them.

Our Development Goal

Cruise Training Development Goal


Cruise Simulation Application Service

Vone provides cruise teaching simulation information support service for cruise education institute and academy. Our company serves for cruise professional laboratory construction and realize cruise real teaching through simulation which includes cruise VR, AR teaching application system, cruise information management simulation, cruise virtualization experience, cruise business real teaching simulation and cruise operation simulation,etc.

Cruise Simulation Application Service

Vone Technology provides cruise training system solutions for colleges and universities. We will cooperate with schools or third-party teaching companies to provide planning, design, budget and solutions. Welcome to inquire.